What do you want to achieve? What’s your style? Are you open to change?

What you should expect from initial consultation to finished product

How we work

Initial consultation

  • In our initial consultation we aim to answer three simple questions –
  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. What’s your style?
  3. Are you open to change?

Throughout the consultation process we try to create a picture of the bathroom that’s right for you. We do this together, by running through a range of contemporary, classic and cutting edge designs. Process of elimination helps us to understand and produce your virtual image. Once we have all the information needed to get us started it’s then up to our interior designer.

Follow up consultation

Following from the initial consultation we will revisit firstly by email, then in person. You should receive a 3D design of your new bathroom by. Working in conjunction with our designers, we can infuse a variety styles until we get the bathroom that meets your expectations.

Now comes the exciting part, we will walk you through your new bathroom before the work has begun. State of the art technology allows us to take a 4D virtual tour, this enables you to really feel how your bathroom will look as a finished product.

With this we can home in on the finer details, allowing you to make changes without any unwanted costs and helping you make your final decision with confidence.

You will also receive a welcome pack including details about Copper Bespoke Interiors, our team, how we work, what to expect, quotation and stage payment details. Once agreed, an Esign document will be sent over to confirm acceptance.


Virtual becomes reality. We pride ourselves on fine quality, craftsmanship and impeccable design. Your project manager and team of dedicated trade’s men will strive for perfection until you get what you want. We understand living in a working environment can be difficult. To combat the effect of any unwanted mess we apply a protective film layer to all working floors counteracting any unforeseen problems. Finally a deep clean throughout to give a pristine finished product.

Whatever you desire, we can create.

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